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"Daddy! J.J's trying to poison me!!"

"...well just poison him right back!"

Penny Farthing
3 October 1984
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Ok so I've decided to fix my profile info and do it properly.
For reasons mostly unknown.
Well mainly cos it's boring when you find an empty profile, I guess?

I love to write, but rarely show people - I just do it for me own amusement really!
I spent a ridiculous amount of time pondering tattoos to get, since I got my first in March this year.

I don't pander to attention-seekers or tell people simply what they want to hear. If you ask an honest opinion from me, you'll get one! I think this is a good, almost VITAL thing.

I have a love/hate thing with my parents (don't most of us?) and adore my siblings and am lucky enough to count them amongst my best friends.
I'd pretty much do anything and DO anything for my friends & family.

I looooooooooove at the moment House, Lie To Me, True Blood, and all my old faves of course.(british comedy a-plenty)

Love lots of random music, I don't like limited genres or opinions - if it's good, I'll listen. Nuff said!

Same goes for movies, I never listen to critics or reviews as I think I have a warped opinion and tend to love stuff that most people PAN. E.G my sister & I were the ONLY ones laughing almost constantly, in a full theatre, during Step Brothers.

I am an unapologetic and unashamed fangirl of Harry Potter to name the biggest obsession of mine, love tons and tons of stuff though.
Probably better to look at my interests, I ramble a lot and am stupidly contradictory a lot.

If all that doesn't put you off - add away!